Baku VİP Lounge
Baku VİP Lounge
Baku VİP Lounge
Baku VİP Lounge
Booking services 24/7
24/7 service
Deluxe comfort Lounge
WiFi, Media
Delicious foods for all tastes
A wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
Transfer services
Apron transfer by luxury car

Baku VIP Lounge located in the 2nd terminal of the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, is a luxurious hall with comfortable chairs, food and a variety of drinks for every taste, private rooms and even a shower. This hall, providing an atmosphere of maximum comfort, allows passengers to spend time before the flight in comfortable conditions.

Included in the service:

— Provision of 24/7 booking and reservation services;

— Provision of priority parking;

— Arrangement of pre-flight and post-flight procedures at our private lounge;

— Provision of accompaniment for the passenger to/from the aircraft and transfer by luxurious vehicles;

— Porter service;

— Introducing services at our lounge;

— Provision of delicious foods for all tastes, a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and constantly updated culinary experiences accompanied by high-level service;

— Services for checked baggage;


Children under 0–2 years old are not charged based on supporting documents;

Only 50% of the basic fare is applied to passengers aged 2–12 years based on supporting documents;

If the booking is made less than 3 hours before the departure or arrival of the flight, a 10% surcharge is applied to the rates mentioned in the table.

Passengers with limited mobility are provided with specialised personnel, a car equipped with appropriate equipment for service in the platform area, etc.

Information and assistance are provided for the arriving passenger in acquiring a visa;

Information and assistance are provided for the passenger in acquiring a VAT (tax-free) refund;

Baggage wrapping service for the departing passenger is included in the service package.

All our services are free of charge for passengers aged 0-2 years.