Premium Lounge
Premium Lounge
Lounge features
Service 24/7
Lounge features
Runway view
Lounge features
Hot and cold beverages
Selection of drinks, juices
Flight info screens
Complimentary high-speed WiFi

All our services are free of charge for passengers aged 0-2 years.

Premium Lounge


Holders of Visa Platinum Miles, Visa Signature Miles, MC Platinum Miles and MC Black Edition Miles can enjoy the services it provides for free and without any limitations in this Lounge.

PremiumLounge provides the following services:

  • greeting a passenger at the entrance to "Premium Lounge"
  • accommodation of a passenger in "Premium Bank Lounge" (provided with cushioned furniture, phones, Internet access (including Wi-Fi), printed media, TV sets to watch your favorite programs etc) to let you pass the time before your flight (2 hours) as comfortably and efficiently as possible
  • passengers are served meals as per the menu with broad assortment
  • provision of flight update to passengers
  • timely invitation to boarding
  • translation/interpretation services.


  • The passenger shall present a Premium Bank Miles card to use these services;
  • The admission for children under 2 years of age is free.