Salam services
Salam Gold Plus
Salam Gold Plus
Salam Gold Plus
Salam Gold Plus
24/7 booking of orders
24/7 service
Highly comfortable Salam Lounge
WiFi, media, cable TV, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Personal escort
Personal escort from the individual stands

All our services are free of charge for passengers aged 0-2 years.

Salam Gold Plus

Salam services

 Included in the service:

Provision of 24/7 booking and reservation services;

Provision of access to the first parking line in front of Terminal 1;

Provision of meet and greet service for the passenger at the entrance of the "Salam" lounge and carrying out flight registration and baggage check-in processes while the passenger can enjoy the lounge’s services (various foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, soft furniture, Wi-Fi, print media, cable TV, etc.);

Porter service (transportation of the passenger’s baggage from the entrance of the terminal to the check-in counters); 

Post check-in, provision of accompaniment for the passenger to the gate by completing pre-flight procedures (aviation security screening, customs and border control) through a separate priority lane;

 Provision of flight information.


Qeydlər: / Notes:

Children under 0–2 years old are not charged based on supporting documents.

Only 50% of the basic fare is applied to passengers aged 2–12 years based on supporting documents.

Passengers with limited mobility are provided with appropriate service.

porter service is provided from the main entrance of the terminal to the "Salam" lounge